The L Word

Theories of Wine

by Charles Hamilton

on The L Word (2018)

[Verse 1]
I'm young like Steve, worth more than a quarter, but I'm
Back to being me which is more than a whore but I don't
Wanna seem like I don't know what I'm doing, I just
Can't sit still while emotions are moving, to prove it
Here is my theory on wine, it gets bittersweet
Which is better if you give it some time, 'cause in it's prime
It is why you let your spirit run free, so in
Touch with your senses that you can hear it run deep
Maybe it's the right bottle that'll chill me out, but not
Nothing new 'cause I got something new, hear me out
Wished on a star to find Lady Luck, she said she won't
Reveal herself until I learn to make adjustments
So, she sent a woman much older than
Me, more experience, someone that could show me what I
Need, it's as clear as a whatever is invisible
She was thinking kissable in a message she said this, it goes...

[Verse 2]
A nigga ballin' now, treated her to sushi
Mickey D's if she is to be treated like a groupie
But she in her 30's, her daughter a bit younger, but
Bolder told her, (you know I like my girls a little bit
Older) she get it from her mama and her mama
Is why I am a charmer, I'm on her
Without ever being on her but if I get on
Her, I will feel honored, honest, maybe
She is the manifestation of Lady Luck, the goddess
I got it, so to you my pretty N-A-T-U-
R-E woman, who are we woman
Can you let me know, does age equate wisdom?
Or are you consumed in the 808's hitting
They don't make sickness for vacation trips in which we
May take if this is more than time mathematics
And if I'm wrong, shit, I'm right back at it

[Verse 3]
So happens my older woman was wise and she
Only felt young when she looked in my eyes, she
Knew she had to stay on point, 'cause I could make her lose
Focus, my scorpion venom was too potent, so
Dope, it'd have her walking with a new motion
Emotion, but I'm only too old and she feels
Too old to notice, what a difference a
Number makes which is why I don't wanna wait
You're lucky if you win Monopoly, you're lucky when you
Hit the lottery and you're lucky I poke it so Lady
Luck got the hots for me, she better get me before
Me and Destiny wild out, let me find out
That's why Destiny's child is what's left in me now
Those are the thoughts that go on in my strange brain
Let me just stick with joints that's Beyonce's age
Charles Hamilton

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On Theories of Wine by Charles Hamilton

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