It's Charles Hamilton

Conversations With God

by Charles Hamilton

on It's Charles Hamilton (2018)

(Verse 1)
"Miss. Can I call you 'Miss'? I got your number but like, can I call you, miss?"

She said, "You don't need a phone to reach me, cause vocal thoughts lead to arguments."

I'm sure you won't believe me if I said I was talking to God and shit, but it's all legit, all of it, so just listen to the way we talk and lift off with this.

She said, "I was eying you from afar, from a star. I watched you from someone's car, the glare of light in that person's rear view. When the wind blows it means that I'm near you."

I said, "I hear you, miss. Wait, what's your last name?"

She said, "Dess."

I said, "God, You're a mess. Lets talk and reflect. Walk with me,tell me how hard I've been blessed."

(Verse 2)
I said, "do you get mad when I talk about the bitches I done fucked in the past?"

She said, "Nah, but there are ladies who do, so don't get stuck in the past."

I said, "God you taught me a lot, an awful lot but I feel awful, a lot. I sold my soul to myself, I'm so alone, over domes I go with every poem thrown. From my point of view everything points to you, but you point to me. Humanity is annoying me."

She said, "You are far from avoiding me. Your noise is sweet and no way are you annoying me. Join the beat, become your own instrument. I love you, and I'm watching, listening. Your negative thoughts are just me hugging you tighter. Pressure makes you write hard, so fuck it, it's fire."

(Verse 3)
"Don't leave me miss," I said as she walked from the bar, she was off to the stars. I was drunk from her potent presence, no liquor involved but I was copacetic.

She beamed down and said, "your bars are my lullabies. So hard, but calm and I love it."


"You're Charles Hamilton, but act like you're just another guy, as if you don't reside up in the sky. And you worry about going over nigga's heads and bitches fed cause you said they was giving head. I won't lie, you're brash with delivery, but you're not one to dash from your inner beast. Besides, I asked you for chivalry. You have what you've given me, it's mad elementary. This kinda love can't last for a century, but you're Charles and your passion is history. Forever."

Show me who you are and I will do the same.
I will never do you wrong, I know better than to hurt you.
I can't make mistakes, I swear I love you more,
Than anyone can. I think you understand me, baby

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