Marks of the Mission

I Will See You

by Charles Billingsley

on Marks of the Mission (2002)

It's the moment in forever
My life is leading to
When the heaven that I know by faith - is finally in view
At last Lord in Your presence
I stand so silently
And slowly raise my eyes to just behold your majesty

And I will see You - beauty like I've never known
I will see You - lightning flashing from your throne
I'll Fall upon my face - and tremble in that place
Knowing it is only by Your grace - that
I will see You

A rainbow of bright colors
No mortal mind could dream
Music so amazing from the lips of the redeemed
And in the midst of angels
In power and in might
My eyes behold the Great I Am who dwells in perfect light


Holy, Holy
Holy are You Lord
You were, You are forever more
You're ever more


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On I Will See You by Charles Billingsley

By Thomas


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