Jail Phone

by Chachi Pajamas

on Desensitized (2018)

[Verse 1: Sulaiman]
I pause and take a second as I hit the bushes
Made a lot of grammys successfully protected from juggin
Left a fuckin messy home and a family shooken
Hit the game and stake my claim like the fuckin man
Steam turn to dew all on the windowpane
From a different gang but we all die the same
Got a itchy trigger finger gettin different type of brains
From a model chick loaded off the powder that's a hollow tip
Louie, Gucci, Prada million dollar bitch
Trojan Horse the setup to get wet up is a open choice
Rolls Royce Phantom I could ghost on a bitch
I don't wanna [?] throat from a bitch
Need me a nice sweet medium brown
Downtown fly style see a shorty turn her out
Know the world a set a fire, burn her out
Loose lips get passed, word of mouth and I'm out

[Verse 2: Chachi Pajamas]
I'm on the phone with it, chromed out Civic
Can't touch a nigga like a damn art exhibit
Colin Kaepernick'n I need (knee'd) everyone attention
Copycat killers like the way we beat the system
Tag my ass in pictures never even knew existed
Got the kind of style you can't capture in a image
Run off at the mouth bound to get tongue twisted
Was sleeping on the couch paid my dues before the rent did
I'm on a mission, got me pinch-hitting
I'm just here to do what these other niggas didn't
Swinging, playing my position
Chachi taking chances (Chance's) word to Mr. Bennett
Tap into my passion next to my ambition
Ashes to ashes rolling up some roaches
Smoke a Doogie Blaster 5000 in the open
Life be moving past you unless you're grounded in the moment

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On Jail Phone by Chachi Pajamas

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