Lyrical Assassin

by Cerberus

Verse 1
Yeah shit my first project is coming soon
A gallon of artistic rhymes won't save these lyrical crimes
With dark vibes,park of mines,mine can park yo ass home
With parkinson,parking your lame ass carrier next to your dusty metronome
Cerberus raised a name of a metropolis,meditations with metropolitans to develop education
Starvation,hungry for fame,remission the missionary for exposing pyramids like an obituary
Old terry is still playing balls in his old ferry with captain morgan on the board
Bill Gates and his motherboard too ashamed to embark his mother on the board
Overloaded area with superiors and geniuses,inferiors and genesis
Genocide for the suicidal,my raps can feed your brainy quotes
While this type of homicidal killed your folks
Forcing the force with my intergalactic flow
Working on my class,tryna find happiness with a classical snow
Fantastical throw killing your drummer flow
I don't need a cloverleaf to cover beefs over famous beats
Eye of the beholder,my momma took care of me since my first night as a toddler
Don't bother,your honor im throwin raps at the speed of light
Lighting bolt,light a bulb to discover an isolated genius
Rap is the king of all professions,peeling bananas for incarcerated signoras
That's what i call monkey business,funky witness of whack rappers filling arenas
Like Gilbert used to feel the moment,monumental movement that killed divas
Chivas for celebration,dedicated to my dedication,forever in the underground
Move forward outside the space bound
I punched u in the face just to spit my bars for another round
You tryna race with me,spitting some fast lines
Fast lanes,you feeling some vast pains
You must pay for moving wagons
I must say i don't fuck with them faggots
Who push back the culture spitting as gross as maggots
A Melting pot pelting each other to regain supremacy
Legacy is nowhere to be found among whack rappers
Racks on racks,black on black middle school rhymes snapping diapers
Baby rifles,your abysmal mind didn't realize these preposterous desires
He admires eloquence like planes turbulence
Tell em Vince,mainstream is as clicheed as dunk contest
Cooking modesty by trying to scatter some honesty
Scatter-brained with a lot of aces
You sucking peniles on my daily basis with a nymphomaniac ferocity
I just feel good hopping in sneakers
Sneaky bastards wanna playback some weeknd in my speakers
A whole new world,i'm just at the beginning
A different sound and perspective
Afferent,conscious shit just listen to my bars
Barely alive i still kill these rappers,they are my deadliest catch
No match ,no game i can feel ya pain coming down your throat from a itty-bitty scratch
Wars,scars this world is damaged we should move to mars
Bars i'm moving barriers like next level shit ape
I'm a romanian rapping in english,i hope you peep the mixtape

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On Lyrical Assassin by Cerberus

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