In Hiding

The Torus Separation

by Celaris

on In Hiding (2020), The Torus Separation (2020)

Amongst the creatures of the ether
And I find we are one in the same
(we are one in the same)
Into my mind
What I might find
Could shape me forever
(drifting, floating)

I tried and spiraled
My deathly trials
Pulling me close
Pulling my life in circles
I tried to find
In my own self indulgent cycles
Rebirth will come to me
Far beyond the pines

Turn my back on the mirror
Because it shows me only truth
Rеpercussions creep nearer and thеy always tell me
If you only knew
Dark path, now clearer
Reclaim your destiny

Disguised as truth
Swallows my psyche
Not taken lightly
In the sky
They swallow me whole, define my role
And lead me to my noose

Put my life on the die
Just to feel alive again
God is a gambler

I refuse all your help
All I need is myself
Roll the dice
May fate
Bring me clarity

May fate bring me clarity
Bring me back
The blinding light
Is shrouding my vision once again

It sees me, it sees you
In the dark in the light it feeds you
You feed it back what a cycle
Guess its vital
That you break it from within
No more pretend
This is your moment cast out the sin
The folly of man
The folly of man

Ethanol is keeping me far away
Psilocybin is keeping my head straight
Still I can't connect
Back and forth again
Back and forth
Amend my conscious ways
Give me back myself
Give me, give me back
Give me next evolution

Shed the carapace
Retract the skin from my eyes
Give me consciousness

Shed what's left inside
Am I alone in my mind
Give me consciousness

Shed all of the lies
Trade in desires for violence
Give me consciousness

Turn my back on the mirror
Because it shows me only truth
Repercussions creep nearer and they always tell me
If you only knew

What lies ahead

There's a new you that lies ahead
So pull up your bootstraps and walk to the end
Past misfortunes and travel on
Travel forth

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On The Torus Separation by Celaris

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