Let Go (Kick, Push Remix)

by Cayden

I'm living in a world that I don't belong
Crippled in my heart, but my soul stays strong
Acting with my body when my heart says wrong
Angel on my shoulder, but she took too long
Live through my words, but they want a song
Not sure I got it, give a damn about profit
Don't got a dollar in my pocket
But I swear I'm the one like Mc
Grady on the Rockets
Making change is the object
Bond doesn't measure up with my Quantum of Solace
It's in my eyes
It's more than words as I spit these rhymes
Cry, I'm blessed to have tears
A sign I have feeling after suicidal years
Only 20, but I'm slain by fears
A man speaking truth that the deaf can hear
Now ain't that crazy?
Feeling like a ghost, ain't that Swayze?
Fuck paying doctors, I'm pro-patient
And you can get your money once you finish up the operation
Temptation... Eddie Kendricks
All about Experience like Jimi Hendrix
Once far from okay
But now that I'm there, I don't wanna stay
I never learned to pray
I followed my own voice just to find my own way
Value and meaning never coincide
Heart on the sleeve because they never look inside
But I've been soul searching
Shaped by the world and I'm still my own person
Cool breeze in my face, I'm free
I found an escape for me and me

[Hook - Cayden]
As I let go, let go, let go, let go...
To the people that be
Right by my side, never lost faith in me
As I let go, let go, let go...
Rebel to the world, but I found a place
Hold on to my words and forget my face
As I let...

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On Let Go (Kick, Push Remix) by Cayden

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