by Carson Diddens

on Late (2018)

[Carson Diddens]

Sit your ass down like criss cross apple sauce
Waisting all my time like tic tock, tic tock
Hating on my music I don't give a fuck, give a fuck
Chevy's where it's at, still thinking I suck? What the Fuck?
Ladies coming over when the night is getting colder
I'm always on this level, every day I'm getting older
So when I turn a hundred I'm a buy a few Mercedes
Put some ladies in it, goddamn labels gonna pay me in it
Last name ever, first name greatest
Drake is gonna hate me if I'm ever getting famous
White girls looking at me, "You're a fucking rapper?"
Gotta stop them I'm a legend, nah, that's a knee slapper
I'm a white kid, with some chill ass beats
But ya'll don't like this, but I'm bringing so much heat
So I'm a light it up, light it up, go crazy and hype it up
Middle finger up, ya'll saying that was enough like...

Money on my mind
Dollar signs, dollar, dollar signs
Money on my mind
Dollar signs, dollar, dollar signs

Hey... (Yeah?) I gotta tell you something funny
I don't like money. (What?)
I don't even fucking like money
Need it for insurance and to get a bite to eat
That's it, I hate money, money hate me

You're a joke, money great, I be buying many things
I don't hate, but that's good for you, I'm just not the same
Fucking lame, what is life about? This is all a game
I agree, but my goal is happiness, I'm not ashamed
Why you make a song about how you got money on your mind?
Cause I do, and it's all the time, and it's all the time
I don't get it, look at you, talking crazy when you rhyme
Cause it's cool, say that I'm insane, but I blow your mind like...

Money on my mind
Dollar signs, dollar, dollar signs
Money on my mind
Dollar signs, dollar, dollar signs

Feel like you're broke if your'e not rich
And karma is a bitch
So hold up, wait a minute now and listen to my pitch
I love money, money's great, it can put food on your plate
It can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you many things
(Many things, like what?)
Diamond chains, wedding rings, many more, I don't know man
I'm just saying you're insane
Fuck every single hater forever
Ever, forever since the dawn of time...
Sike, I'm not that much of a dick when I rhyme
But I got money on the mind. (All the time?)
All the time, I got money on the mind
So what's the reason you hate money?
I don't know
I think it's funny how the people
Will go crazy for the paper like a junkie
Like a junkie, man that's drugs...
Wait... Shit, you're right about money...
I am?...

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On Money by Carson Diddens

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