Saucy 2020

Fck Opps

by Caliente Eli

on Saucy 2020 (2020)

Aye aye huh
Aye aye huh
Aye aye huh
Aye aye huh
Fuck the Opps man
Aye aye huh
Aye aye huh
Fuck the opps send me the drop
Niggas watching I'm ready to pop
Neva lack I'm always aware I already know this don't play fear
Aye aye huh
Aye aye huh
Aye aye huh
I said
Fuck the opps send me the drop
Niggas watching I'm ready to pop
Neva lacking I'm always aware I already know these niggas do play fear
Smack a nigga let'em know I'm the truth
(The truth)
Keep fucking with me I'll knock out your tooth
(Your Tooth)
Mali Verse:
Candy paint like it's green
I pick it up like a jelly bean
(Jelly bean)
I got the drip when I walk
(He walk)
I got the cards when I talk
(He talk)
I got the number and the addy
All the girl call me daddy
(Call'em daddy)
I do this
I do this
(He Do this)
I do this
Kause I'm the coolest
(He coolest)
Everybody know me baby
Everybody try me baby
I do not let that happen
I just pop like it's magic
I just do this for my brother
We do not leave each other
(Never leave)

And we do this on the grind
We play game with our mind
And we know it's on time
Play with the rats on you know it's on
(Uhh uhh)
Why would I fuck with you
(Fuck with you)
You opps nigga fuck you to
(Fuck you)
I just play with the swag walk
I just play with the gang walk
Me and my brother we slide down
Drip talk, guns down
(Drip) (Down)
And you know what we do
We would kidnap you to
(We kidnapping you)
And we do what we do
(We do,we do)
Bitxhs On us you know what we do
(We do)
Face up fuck'em down every body know we go around
(Go around)
Drip walk money niggas where we talk

Money niggas where we talk
(We Talk)
Slattiente the gang
Nigga we ain't playing
We ain't playing no games
We running it for the fam
Nigga we ain't playing no games
Hitting up with the Extendos
Nigga we would slide on you we tinted windows
Stop playing game with me before I Make you kiss the steel
Nigga you ain't playing with the gang
Nigga you talking about slattiente Nigga Mal
We playing them games
Running it up in the field
Nigga talking down he bout to really get spilled
Malblock wipe your noise and your stains
Malblock my brother for life under he'll slice you with the knives
(Aye aye yea)

Yoo aye every sense a youngan I just know I could do this
And I had a Dream just like Martin Luther King
I just do this when I walk bad Bitxh do what I talk
I just go to school do what I do while he watching on you
Fuck them opps, they just like cops
They watch us badly they do this
Aggy they do this,they do this,do this
(They do this)
I ask why they do this,they say they do this (why)

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On Fck Opps by Caliente Eli

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