CRILL and C Los Ft. Ka$h Lauren

On God

by CRILL and C Los Ft. Ka$h Lauren

[C_LOS: Verse 1]
Thats on god
All of this money
Making these pesos
The money no funny
Im grinding real hungry
Can't call me no dummy
My people's is hungry
So they keep on getting they money
All of my diamonds real shiny
Nobody can see me cause they really blinding
It's double or nothing
Peoples is doubting
They hated on me
Now they keep it a hundred
They be so astounded
I wanted a baddie who kept it a stack and you know she was down for me
We live in a life where we say it's on sight and it got me walking so carefully
The money by day
Im grinding all night
All of the sudden I'm doing it right
The haters keep coming
I push them aside
Im doing my thing
Yea you know I'm alright

[CRILL: Verse 2]
That's on god
You know I'm making money
Look at the diamonds I'm shining I'm stunning
I swear that these haters be on me be on me
I'm making money
While they hating on me
On god
That's on god
I be flexing on top of them all
They be scared cause I be in the Stu
I'm grinding this money I do what I do
I'm killing these haters
I'm killing this music
Look at the diamonds I'm booming, I'm booming
I'm making these haters look stupid, look stupid
I kill any track I hop on you clueless

[C_LOS: Verse 3]
On top is where I'm feeling today
We putting in work
Making music the wave
I'm speeding I'm speeding
It's part of my ways
I'm grinding for money
Now get out the way

[C_LOS: Verse 4]
Ooo I'm on my way to the top
Looking to close you don't know when to stop
People be hating and sneaking and dissing
Don't worry I'm winning yea im ready to pop
Look at my diamonds you feeling a way (Yeah)
Pay close attention cause I'm here to stay (Yeah)
Surrounded by girls have them calling my name (Yeah)
Introducing C_LOS and he ready to play

[CRILL: Verse 5]
And we killing the beat
And we ballin all season
Yeah, we ballin so hard
Yeah, theres no guardin us
And we hop in a foreign
We flexing on yah
And we dropping the top
Yeah, we flexing on yah
There is no stopping us
We go straight to the top
Yeah, we on the come up dropping bar after bar
There is no stopping us
We go straight to the top
Yeah, we on the come up dropping bar after bar

[Ka$h Lauren: Verse 6]
Niggas be Cappin, don't know what to tell em
I got the Truey, the Louis, the denim
Shit in my cup, yeah I sip it, it's venom
Not a celebrity, more like a felon
Niggas be cappin', they jackin they sellin'
After the Q gone they gone in a second
Taught you a lesson, finessin this blessing
She call me a monster this pussy I'm wreckin'
Shawty she eat me,I love when she bragging
Tellin me all of the work I be packin', she love me, she never wanna see me lackin'
The .40 I keep it, it's tucked in the mattress
Lookin all over, they never will find me
I was done in the dirt now I'm coming real slimy
I don't trust a bitch cus they just wanna lie me
All the way up and ya herb ass is tiny
Everybody wanna jack they in Birkin
But they know that they really ain't hurtin'
Take a look slide open the curtain
Get ya bitch we both know that she flirtin'

[C_LOS: Verse 7]
Im getting money all the way
People all hate but who cares what they
Money the mission No time for no fakes
I'd probably end up with your girl by the way
Diamonds they glisten
No trapping no stealing
Im stacking the money, yeah floor to the ceiling
Your girl she all on me
Stay woke I be chillin
I be so surrounded
Yea I'm one in a million
Yea money on money
I'm smooth like I'm honey
I'm saucing you up
I stay winning
I'm grinding
Big balling all day
People hate yea they funny
Im posting a song
Yea you like it you copy me

[CRILL: Verse 8]
I put everything on god
I be flexing never know when to stop
I'm spinning, I'm spinning
No 360 Yeezy
I'm on the come up
Man I hope I blow up
Yah haters be talking
Don't know when to stop
I will always stay humble
I'll never switch up
I kill any beat I hop on
I hop in a foreign
And you know I'm gone
I'm zooming, I'm zooming
You know they can't catch me
I swear these haters always wanna copy me
She saw the money
Now she wanna ride for me
Look at the money, it's piling
Like it came from a money tree
You know these haters always wanna be on me
You know these haters always wanna be like me
You hit my line
You know my line
You know I'm making money
And I put it on god

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On On God by CRILL and C Los Ft. Ka$h Lauren

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