C-Zero (C0Y0)


by C-Zero (C0Y0)


It's like 5am in the fucking morning
And I'm activating my passion. I'm on it
Cause I fucking want it. Just Blaze Its A Miracle

It's A Miracle

The streets breathe breath to me
The streets preach death to me
Hearing echoes of jealousy
When equity enters the tendency
Envy singing a melody to enemies
What you tend to see
Neggas sleep on dreams, readily
They frightened so they deride
The Fear control they mind
Leaving hundreds blind, but ten'll see
You's a Titian
Plus you put your life on the line
When you be writing
Lighting be striking like pitches
Every tune a hit
When you find the groove in a riffs
People lose they shit turn lunatics
It's ludicrous like who is this
With bars cracking like cigars for newer spliffs
Dimes passing dimes like two assist, I'm too legit
I Got bars no felony
But you jell wit me, what you telling me, see
Unlike Jay-Z and Mya preaching to choir
The hate only inspires you liars
Won't get the Best Of Me
Bread, cream, cheese, cake that's the recipe
Sam cook change gonna come erase his enemy
No when racists into me, waste less energy
Things wasn't right so I gave it what was left of me
Official star on my chest but I ain't a deputy
Building my brand like I'm building the mezzanine
Stretch it like limousines add mad stories on top
Like a liar in the library who lying don't stop
Who lie with a thot that lie a lot about lying on cock
It's like a zoo and you uh lying in a box
Off couple shot go light on the rocs
Pour the scotch I'm talking ice on the rocks
Do you hear me...Clearly I'm ill
These cats rarely got skill
Flow congealed cause clearly I build
And I still I spit what I feel
They posing On the gram twit picin
Won't face books in the can the shit different
If they don't understand no fucks given
Its Web a lies, it a web lies
When you living double lives
Like theres three double yous
And you don't have a site.. You don't get it right?
C-Nada, can't you see I see proper
Cee opt to see opportunity to seize option
Decease colleagues bump me you like eat lobster
And you allergic to it, that's how I serve you to it
Just to see Cee rise on the face Earth
Discover God Son like MC search
I'm duel sick I need doctors
I see negus don't want support like your support impede progress
I was taught persistence repeat process
So when I make it don't say I changed I'm being honest
I don't know you negus
And even better I don't owe you negus
Like you ain't here in the physical
Cause how I made it
Was Me & God a Miracle

It's a miracle (repeated)

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