Brooke Candy


by Brooke Candy

[intro: Brooke]
Yo, what up? It's Brooke Candy
Also known as the freaky princess
Also known as the queen of Italy
Mothafucking Brooke the rap star candy
I'm here with my boy Seth Pratt A.K.A. Closet Boy
You know we making tracks, we made this track for y'all
We hope you like it. If you don't like it we don't give a fuck
Cause all we reppin is fag mob, mothafucka fag mob all day!
Faggots taking over the industry, mothafuckin' faggots runnin' the world!

[hook: Seth]
Got the baddest clique, and our shit be yankin'
Tryna get with this, better stack them franklins
Ass so fatty, you could call it bacon
Make your bed rock, got that shit straight shakin'

Diamonds on my pinky, diamonds on my wrist
Been a bad girl, I'm a naughty bitch
Leader of these hoes, ladies of the night
Madame Candy if the price is right
[?] your shit, yeah some call me Blondie
Fresh to death means I'm never lookin' bummy
Genie in a bottle, so rub-dub-a-dub me
Angry birds, ain't get nothing from me
Britney Spears, baby you can hit it one more time
Bend it over, hella clear that you get it from behind
You know my juice taste sweet, fine apple wine
You ain't gotta flip a nickle cuz baby I'm a dime, a dime, a dime
That's ten cents, better check yourself before your ass get spent
Get on your knees bitch, repent
Brooke Candy on the mic, rhyme like it's heaven sent


Follow me, f-follow me
I'm rollin' on some exstacy
I want your dick inside of me, p-pop your dick inside of me
Clear your throat, get on your knees
Bitch you better aim to please
I'll come inside you so watch out bitch
What's my name? Gon shout it out
Closet Boy, yo you're all gon love me
Dressing classy, drinking bubbly
Got designer names all over me
Boy acting slutty, suck yo dick then take yo money
Suck yo dick then take yo money


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On Bedrock by Brooke Candy

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