Brodha V

World's Fastest Indians

by Brodha V

[Verse 1 : Bigg Nikk]

Live like a Macha, Die like a Macha
Stay in tune, to be wild like a Machan
Am the fellow in yellow, weigh a thousand kilos
Super duper hungry so i eat up from the cellers
Eat up fake ass killers, i eat up fake ass Gs
Am the living Gandhi, preaching apartheid
Sitting a back n spitting back a rhyme at a time
Killing a villan on a micro phone is ma crime
At a time, in my mind every macha unwinds
In the line of our crime, in the line of our nine
Lyrically miracally rape this place
I said literally physically make our space
So, up the base and count ur days
Cuz The Machas always say it in ur face
Bring back sing that, lotta ppl think that
Fed up with the world,oh meet a better sinbad
Do you wanna win bad, bet u wanna skin bad
Gonna wanna show us why u Machas did that
Move dat, blue rat, big cat, flip that
Lick that kick dat super duper fliped back
Double trouble hit that Machas really did that
Come into the picture show u what i've done
Killing wannabes like am Ravanan
Have some fun am the dravidian

Its Music, We're being ruthless
And all the skills that you own is illusioned
You know we got the need for speed
And we are freaks indeed
And you will never see us slowing down
OH Yeah

[Verse 2 : Smokey The Ghost]

Hey macha are you ready to put your money where the mouth is
Battle me on syllables dont speak a word about it
I flip it and dip it, the Machas are coming n checking my patience
The better brother on the getto getting better
When i flip it with a pause and I hit you with the bars
And im lyrically miracle that kick you in the balls and
Im filling the women up with the semen that is illicit
Too damn slow lemme speed it up a little bit
Double on the flow gettin back in the seat
So i can mentally break it down for anybody who be gettin at a macha with a gun
Sucka Better Run, Big Nikk is like a Big Pun
Now you know i go Slow too
But i chose to be fast and im just blastin ya crew
Grab Pamela's ass before grabbin her boob
Imma show you what i can do cause im back in the booth
Dragon balls like goku and im breakin ur balls with a
Kameyameyan that can spread up on ur family and friends
I flow so fast i say babalabadajabadadag and it still makes sense
Mind on ma money, money on my mind
MWA we one of a kind
Better Shut you mouth, i didn't ask opinions
Smoke from Machas, we THE FASTEST INDIANs


[Verse 3 : Brodha V]

Imma burnin filament, I be swellin with rage
Similar phrase by any other would'nt leave you amazed
The Big Picture, im in the frame living the phase
Sinnin women dwellin in craze, my eminent fate
I be tellin me to kill a genetically mutated villain
U ain't half a percent of a millionth of my brilliance
Infectin your skeleton with venom and no medicine
And, now I better get a better temperament for my betterment
Every girl in the club wanna hit on Brodha V
Imma chill and select the best while I sip on Hennessy
Got her breathin hard as I caress her left one
They love me cuz they know that I got the best tongue
As I'm indulgin myself in the form of verbal archery
Im hot enough to make the corpse of Socrates applause for me
Anonymous gossip apostrophe 's' words stalkin me
Im harsh and my honesty causes exposure of wannabes
So, look into my fangs as you driven to panic
Satanic madness when a maniac is smilin back from the attic
Imma ravenous animal like cannibal, fan of Hannibal
Like a savage I fantasize havin mammals as cereal
And, flyest of rappers surrender to my murderous flow
Anaconda around my neck and i still cannot choke
And its right if anyone told you that I'm one in a billion


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On World's Fastest Indians by Brodha V

By Reggie


Sup ya'll
I'm looking for a hip hop song says something like "....cuz my miracle flow.....hip hop check it out. Word wake em up hip hop check it out..... "
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