Cat in the Hat

To Know What You've Got

by Bobby Caldwell

on Cat in the Hat (1991)

When you go through a day
And your mind's a million miles away
Searching for truth
Something to say
A world of your own

Love was right
But I face another sleepless night
I only dream of holding you tight
How could I let you go

Sometime's it's hard to know what you've got
Only too late I've realized
I was a fool for letting you go
And I only want to let you know
That I've changed my ways
Believe it or not
I'm in a daze without you
Darling come home
I can't stand to be all alone

Now I know where I stand
But what happened to the perfect plan
Years have gone by thinking that I
Was holding my own

How can I repair
When you never will believe I care
Now I can see through my despair
All the things I should have known

Love is so hard to explain
I never dreamed of letting you go
Darling take the chance to let love grow

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On To Know What You've Got by Bobby Caldwell

By Ash


Was it the song you were looking for? Yes 🥳

I am so happy....I have been looking for this song for years
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