Blank Logic

A New Heart

by Blank Logic

Verse 1: Today I met an angel, and I know for sure,
I was broken hearted and she found the cure.
Quit looking for love,then it will be found.
Never believed it, until you came around.

Chorus: And I know that im not much,
but this I promise you,
that I will always love you with a heart that's true.
And I know this sounds like just another tune,
but if you asked me I'd bring you the moon.

Verse 2: I love the way it feels to have you next to me,
looking in my eyes, smiling gently.
My heart always stops,when you reach out for my hand
if tomorrow never found me, I would die a happy man


Bridge: Why would you give up heaven for me?
I am just a boy who was lonely.
I stay up late at night and thank God that your mine,
I pray he'll let me love you until the end of time.

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