A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Strobelite Hone

by Black Sheep

on A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (1991)

(Verse One: Dres)

I skipped the line, I paid my dime
I hung my coat, and now it's time
To move to the forefront take my rounds
Say peace and give a pound have a drink, get down
I'm on the floor, besides the door
The sound is rich, and I ain't poor
I'm looking for Susie or Wendy or Judy
But look at her (repeat 3X) "Who me?"
Yes, you sweetie, although it's hard to see thee
I see your silhouette and what I see has got me needy
I need you for a second of your time
But then I reckon that a second is too short let me try
"You're slammin!"
But anyway, I'd like to say
I'm Dres of the Black Sheep givin you play
Step out in the light, come show off yourself
Yo, I'm sorry, I thought you were someone else.

(Chorus: Dres, Strobelite Hoe)

I gotta go, I gotta go, I gotta go "Don't go" (x3)
Just don't know "Why?" Hon, I just don't know
I gotta go, I gotta go, I gotta go "Don't go" (x3)
See something ain't right "Why?" It's the strobelite

(Insert: Mista Lawnge, Dres, Strobelite Hoe)

(Mista Lawnge)
Van Damne, Oh man, now you look out
I can not dig it, I can not dig it
No, yo Black, I can not dig it

(Dres, Strobelite Hoe)
Listen Hon, I mean aaaaaah
It's nice looking at you, I just have to go
My man is right over there "Where you going?"
I have to go "Huhhhhh?"
(to his 'man' who doesn't exist) I'm on my way Black, I'm on my way
"Don't you have a number or something?"
Listen it's ahhhhhhh, 765-4321
"What area code is that?"
One, nine-hundred

(Verse Two: Dres)

Listen here dear, step to the rear
Find yourself a seat, buy yourself a beer
Eat some pretzels, go play some videos
Thank you for your time honey, but hoe, I gotta go
I think I lost my coat, and plus I'm double parked
I thought you was my girl, see I can't see in the dark
Anyway I'm out, out is where I be
I've got to step, "With the viscosity"
When you see a honey by the strobelite
Black I hope you got good sight
For honey that you see, like a Shakespeare soliloquy
May or may not be, all that
In fact, quite wacked
With the girl that makes you stop tracks
But neither here nor there fear
Unless, of course, you don't care
Listen baby girl, let me say it slow
Not to dis, but lets disperse
Yo, I'll see you later, unless I see you first


(Outro: Dres)

Can't swing tonight, so ahhhhhhh
Honey take a hike, go fly a kite
And I don't mean to be impolite
But yo, I'm outta here aight?

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On Strobelite Hone by Black Sheep

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