Bjrs hussain

Baby Girl

by Bjrs hussain

(Shady Hunxaie)
Six years and I never ceased adorin' you
I 'm sick here ever since I quit callin' you
Now there's no one around to hold me when I fall
I 'm flat down on the ground, I am getting outta control
Hundred girls on the floor, all tryin' to get me rolled
Can't find another face, a face just like yours
We can never be together like sky and earth
Y're an angel dressed in feathers and I 'm down in dirt
I ve spent lonely nights tryin' to fight back tears
Like a wanderin' kite I kept roaming dear
Lookin' up at the sky my heart down in fear
Gulpin' all my cryin' so nobody can hear me
I just want you to be my baby
Because girl for you I 'm crazy
You can be my sunshine and
I can be your shady...

(Hook: Bjrs hussain)
I never dreamed about
I never thought about
These every thing I ve got today
I was sittin' alone, by the shore
Just thinkin' about my baby girl
My baby girl

(Verse: Bjrs hussain)
Baby shut your eyes please close your mind
Open up your heart, feel the truth in the lines
Can't you figure it out, I 'm sick of this time
I 'm sick of rainy days bring me a sunshine
Fine ! they keep tellin' me that you gotta big ego
Break it down right now baby I need you
Let me make a promise that I 'll never leave you
'cause y're my only....

(Hook: Bjrs hussain)

(Verse: Bjrs hussain)
Yeah, unh...
Good girls never look at the jewels and cars
Never get lured by the moves of the stars
I can give you my love, I can give you my life
If y're by my side I can touch the sky(SWITCH)
Now take away my pain, show me happiness again
So many pretty faces, can't look at them the same
Damn, just believe in me I can't stand
And for you I can kick away my fame
Yes yes I can quit this game
So please baby girl
Be my soul mate now
Baby show me some love
And when y're not around
I go down down down down
Said I 'm down down down...

(Chorus: Bjrs hussain)

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