Fighting Starlight

No Hero

by Benton Falls

on Fighting Starlight (2001)

i remember the first time. i saw you on heroin. a hero in my eyes. a hero in disguise. i pretended not to care. while all these eyes were on you. but your eyes weren't you. you've paid for this. black eyes. arms were skinny. i did not recognize. your pale face. white like bleach. it's hard for me to preach. when everyone's to blame. but no one wants to be the same. you've turned on yourself. one more time. there's no more time. trains will never travel. upon these tracks. no going back. the needle has skipped. and you will be missed. you've turned on yourself. and i remember the last time. i saw you on heroin. and how it made me cry. and oh how i cried

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On No Hero by Benton Falls

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