Stone Gon'

You're My Baby

by Barry White

on The 20th Century Records Albums (1973-1979) (2018), Stone Gon' (1973), Let The Music Play (1976)

Sit down, right here sit down.
I wanna talk to you
There's nothing wrong
I, I'm not upset
It's nothing like that
I just got to talk to you

You see I got a problem
A real serious problem
I miss girl
Oh baby I miss you

And the funny thing about it is
We're not apart and We are together
I love you and you love me
And we are happy together but

Sometimes when you're not here
And we aren't together
I, I, I just get so so hung up
mentally and spiritually too
I don't know if I going or coming
and I know that I'm, I'm a man and
I feel just like you feel

To love someone as much as I love you
To need and to want someone
As much as I want you
Sometimes it, sometimes it gets next to me baby
That's just the way it is

Is such a glory to be this way I guess
It's just when you're not here
I miss you baby
Girl I miss

Your on my mind
Girl I'm crazy
Your loves the type
Just my kind of crazy

My sadness is gone
When your appear
When you're here
Cuz my baby
You're my baby

And I do believe that I'm mad about you
Don't ever leave
I just can't live without you
Girl you're my life
My world and dreams
My joy and laughter
My everything

You're my baby
You're my baby

Funny as it seems
I live in a dream
I dream of you
And and always together
Loving forever
And breaking up
breaking up never

You're my baby
You're my baby

Funny as it sounds
I need you around
As long as I live
I'll be you're with me
For all eternity
Always always

You're my baby
My my baby
Ohhh yeah
You're My baby
My my baby
Yeah yeah
You're my baby

Yeah yeah
Ohh yeah
Ohh yeah

I'm glad to know that
That You understand
And I'm glad the love
That you feel is the same way too
The greatest thing I ever did in
My life is loving you

My my baby
My my baby
Ohh yeah yeah
Ohh yeah

I'm loving you
I'll be loving you baby
Always and always and always and always and always

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