Barbara MacQuarrie

Don't party to hard

by Barbara MacQuarrie

Party hard and shake that ass for me
Party hard and move your body down to the beat
Party hard party hard party hard party party party hard

Shake the way I move ya, it's always nice to prove ya
The secrets you keep are so familiar that when I see in your eyes I know what's in store for ya. OM

Lyrical devices, i'm a lyrical virus that will get inside your brain and you won't even be able to tell what time is
I'm that serpent bitch you always know you'd meet so be happy and keep the peace because i'm as nice as can be
Drop the shots, keep it hot for me, my dear, we keep it clear, no fear

The headlights are dancing under the brick wire
Our hearts dance under thunder storm fire because I love you
All of you, not part missing
Stop the violence and quit the dissing
Let me let you in and I can show you love
I'm this certain thing that is high and above
Everything you've ever known so please pray to a dove

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