I never had
Thoughts that control me
Until something bad
Left me so lonely
And I want it back
I want the old me
Im trying to forget
But things just remind me

Theres a million things
Theres a million things
I could say
But you never really knew that
But you never really knew
I felt this way
Wanna take it back
Wanna take it back to when we
Had it just like that
Had it right on track

I keep falling in this darkness
And theres no one to light it up
To bright it up, yeah

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On Darkness by BRXXKE

By Jazmine


Was it the song you were looking for? Yes 🎊

This is crazy i been looking for this song for a while and it just came different. and also this song is just so UGHHHHHHHHH its so goooddd like I cant . and the lyrics make so much sense. i never had thoughts that control me until something bad left me so lonely. LIKEE LOOK AT THATTTTT
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