Praise the Beast

Throne Of Skulls

by Azarath

on Praise the Beast (2009)

We shall build thy throne
Upon the burning ashes
For thine is the victory

The strenght within us
The power of will and flesh
This is thy gift, almighty one

Veni Satanas, Imperator Mundi!
Domine Satanas, Rex Inferus!

World is ready for thee
World is ready to fall!

Blessed be the black earth
And the empire we've built
Upon this shattered dream

No power known to the mortals
Can now stop this dominion
No power the fools bow to

With our bare hands
With our own blood
We give you, Lord Satan
Thy throne of skulls

Standing tall, side by side
We shall build thy throne
Satan, Lucifer, our god!

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On Throne Of Skulls by Azarath

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