02 - Second October

by Arsenick

[Intro: Arsenick]
Bob this one is for you homie
Happy birthday in advance just wanted to be the first

I've been trying to force muse but shit it just comes to me

This one is for life

I'm gon go real hard this time

[Verse 1: Arsenick]
My biggest mistake was to wait for the perfect place
Believing I could make a mess of the world that way

I don't believe that a man can die without failure or success at the attempt to his quest

Is it a breach of belief , if I change my thoughts in every song I sing or not?
No not really , cause I grow up, I blow up And I try not to collapse

My friends won't make me famous
The world will
But I still believe that people like will got my back , x2 is here for that

Shit back to the topic. 2nd October back to bob. No back to batman and robin
Yo bob you better not be the proof to my shady

I'm not worried cause if heaven exist the only person I know that is prone to go there is you , but now you're far from dead and i'll have to cope with that

We're not all rich but that's work in progress , the only regress is for us to think we not all this
We won't let no war control us , no wall postpone us
Truthfully We owe no one no moet

2nd October 97 , Ghandi stops rolling in his grave . Bob is born another philosopher for this world that is so torn

It's so corny , you use to have curly hair like broly shit was crazy. Truly amazing
Slaying that off didn't kill you're personality , you just be who you wanna be always remember small niggar big dreams can bear hug a whale

Seems i developed taste for the hate
Seems like these peeps can't get over Nick
Seems like i got shady's flow on every beat
Seems like i got nothing else than my brothers
Seems like I raise up the crime rate on every line I lay

Bob we just have to becareful not to end up like Kendrick's vanity slaves

And to all you niggars who think you outsmarting us , think twice we always one step ahead thus

We goin off the grid next time you hear bout me is on Forbes list
Next time you hear bout me is at lollapalooza
Next time you hear bout me it's worldwide

I been working for 7 years tryna find new lyrics to tear years
To tear fears something that can make you reflect

Me hermanito know that i'll always luv ya more than my ego

I wrote this today bear with me , bear with me , fear nothing


Dreams and Nightmares these are my fears we gotta fight

I need you back bro , im tryna love them people out here but truly they just make me wanna hire a hitman

Damn , they question my faith cause I listen to Eminem like he the one that died on the cross for me

I can't seem to make a hook , nor get a hook up . Shit don't keep me from looking up

Happy 18 bruh phenomenal
Scary hours


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On 02 - Second October by Arsenick

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