Shit Talker

by Anti-Domestix

I thought you were my friend. you're nothing but a shit talker! if I could do it all over again... I'd beat your fuckin' face in! shit talker! that's what you are! shit talker! that's you motherfucker! you're just a piece of shit! shit talker! get the fuck away from me! you're just a little shit talker! that's all you'll ever be! shit talker! that's what you are! shit talker! I'll run your ass over with my car! I'll beat your head in! piss down your throat! tell everybody your dad fucks goats! I'll talk shit on you, like you did on me! satisfaction's guaranteed! shit talker! you're a motherfuckin' piece of shit! I fucked your mother... on the boardwalk! I nutted in her mouth!

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On Shit Talker by Anti-Domestix

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