Nothing To Believe In

by Ancestors

so there is anything left to believe in anymore
or is it all lies and false testimony
is there a place to put my faith in now
or is it only empty promises that surround me

I find it hard to ascertain the truth
when nothing makes sense in this world and there's nothing for me here
I find it hard to keep the faith
when there is nothing to believe in

So can you provide me with a safe release
Somewhere where I can place my trust and not be lied to
Is there somewhere that I can run
When life amounts to nothing and I'm giving in

So is there a place for me?
A caring non judgemental eye to watch over me and keep me safe
All I've found is guilt and shame
It all amounts to nothing and there's nothing to believe in

if one would die for my sins then why not for me
would I sacrifice myself to find sanctuary
Turn the wine back into water, walk across the sea
Drown in conformity

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On Nothing To Believe In by Ancestors

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