The Strain EP

Temple de L'or

by Alpha Omega

on The Strain EP (2016)

[Scratch Hook] DJ Sparky T
{What you gonna do when shit hits the fan?}
{Throw your brain in the cobra clutch}
{What you gonna do when shit hits the fan?}
{ill technique}
{What you gonna do when shit hits the fan?}
{Throw your brain in the cobra clutch}
{What you gonna do when shit hits the fan?}
{Survival of the fit, only the strong survive}
[Verse 1] Prevail
I'm burying [?] parents with various air inhalants
A weaponized aerosol type approach when I'm crushing your larynx
Bruising your bearings, carrying the co-piolets cold corpse
Fahrenheit, Celsius. Void like the Ozarks
Prime mountain range, leave the O2 so stark
Lung burst, blood vessel, thirst for the first
Walk along the road side, talk amongst ourselves
A lock, stock and two smoke and barrels
I'm perilous as hell
The road of which is paved with good intention, so I'm told
So I've been practising at dancing while I'm dancing over coals
Time to reap the benefit by deepening my dialect
And keeping those around me who surround me like It's THX
Closing in on frozen winds, limbs are getting frostbite
Bows and arrows, Robin Hood of Locksley when I lock sight
Air tight, let the bear bite, feel the provenance
Survival of the fittest, dork, get pitted in the sediment
Word up
[Scratches] DJ Sparky T
[Verse 2] Neph
Tit for tat, rap for rap, we're doing laps around these cats
Ain't arrived in the U.S. yet, so A.O.'s what you currently lack
Yo, where the bounty at? Flying through like I'm boba loaded
Filling the quota on a dose of the motor, going for mine
Yo, Not I met a bunch of kind folk
Plus a couple weirdos that just want to waste my time though
I know, I put up with the worst to get the best
I want the big brother, the chair and my feet up on the desk
I won't settle for less ‘cause times are grimy, I've been grinding
That's why you can't find me, I'm on assignment, been in alignment
Watch for the comet that knocks through the silent
[?] harmonics
If you wildered up the pill I play this here with your compadre's
Admittedly still a novice, but ain't no killing my confidence
Got me a couple options, think I'll run it back
You know when I touch down, no hesit, where's the fun in that
Come get your lumber, puncture record needles and spinal tap

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On Temple de L'or by Alpha Omega

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