Por Vida

What U Want

by Alicia Keys

on Por Vida (2015)

[Verse 1]
When the night falls
She heard the call of the street life
See the flicker of the street lights
Wanna know what it be like when it be right... there
Black lipstick tattoos of the peace sign
Plus the mark of the beast sign oh night please be kind
Baby girl has no... fears
Tight clothing
Blowing cigarette smoke in slow motion
All full of love potion but its frozen
Thinks the world's so insincere
Now she dancing with strangers
She don't know they name no
The city has claimed her but she doesn't care

[Hook: Kenna] (x2)
What you want want
What you want want
Come and get it get it
What you want want
What you want want want

[Verse 2]
When the night falls
She had to call of the bright life
See the shine in the spotlights
Wanna know what that like when it be right... there
White liar put her name in their headlines
Naked pictures on her website
Just a rabbit in the headlights
Baby girl don't you be ... scared
Red carpet on the arms of an artist
Is starlit on the star-less paparazzi target
Thinks being normal's just so unfair
She knows that its dangerous she wants to be famous
But she's not ashamed 'cause it ain't nothing there

[Hook: Kenna] (x2)

When the day comes
And they looking far away from where they came from
See the night has betrayed them told em it would stay young
Told them they would stay young
Now they see the sun
The night's on the run right before the rise
Black mascara's running from their eyes
But big girls don't cry
It'll be alright
It'll be tonight (tonight)
They'll cut back on the lies

[Hook: Kenna] (x2)

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On What U Want by Alicia Keys

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