Seven Rainbows

Runaway Love

by Alice Gold

on Seven Rainbows (2011)

Come on let's runaway

Take me to a restaurant to dine
I will wear a dress so divine
You'll find you can't tear your eyes away
Later on you can tear it off anyway...
Be my runaway love
Be my runaway love
Wanna runawaylove with you
I want to run run run away

Don't keep me waiting
For promises coming
The oil on the painting drying
Tears on my face will roll in the rain
And my heart will be aching again

But have you ever been to New York in May?
The loveliest month so they say
Up town and around Central Park
Until it gets too dark...
And then we can head to a show
There's a little hidden bar there I know
The band are playing tango til two
It takes two and I want to tango with you

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On Runaway Love by Alice Gold

By David


Was it the song you were looking for? Yes 🍾

Thank you. Been looking for this for years. One line and you got it. Thank you, I’m really impressed.
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