Akru The Zulu


by Akru The Zulu

on The Dr. Manhattan EP

People wanna ask me "say Akru why do you do these things?"
["man, Akru, what the fuck?"]
If Jordan hadn't been hard, he'd prolly only have three rings
Keep all that in mind before you knock a poor man's hustle
Cause when I was just in high school lived my life just like Bill Russell
Shout out to the racists tried to make me feel complacent
Giving me the fire to go higher, keep dream chasin
Imma make it, won't stop til I'm free mason
Won't stop till I free Mason, the pops of those I hang with
The docs first thoughts are payment, it's awfully wrong and heinous
Barack gets props for patience, his colleagues are some racists
Sometimes he drops the ball and I get mad, but it's pretty evident
(the worst job in the world?)
Is our nation's first black president
Stop me here before my ass goes on another tangent
Get to rantin
Cause shit out here ain't funny like Nick Cannon
Never getting spread til the day my soul can fly
So keep your eyes wide open or just open wide

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