Ak Royale

No L's

by Ak Royale

No L's
Verse 1
Still paying dues dropped, so I relapsed with some new shit
Got your crew sick
OD on these cruel hits
Humble nigga, but believe I get rude quick
With the music I am a beast
Fuck what you think
On these mics baby boy got a full clip
Double barrel, buck shells when this fool spit
Got a wife and three kids, so my grinds thick
So dead prez only cats that I'm cool wit
Cause the mighty dollar
Brings the mighty power
To make some niggas sour
Cause you're doing what some are proud of
Nay Sayers and doubters
Homie I ain't worried about them
I already set the bait, soon enough they will follow
I ain't stopping homeboy I got shit to do
I've been rapping for a minute still these niggas don't get the clue
Fuck waiting on these niggas, I am go ahead and make my move
Keep winning on these suckers
Turning blue waiting for me to loose
Verse 2
Go ahead and chase ho's
I am run towards the pesos
Got shit on my credit that I got to pay off
Money never sleeps, so I can't take a day off
Making history is all that came for
I'm chasing mills, crazy deals to sign my name on
And Bring it back to the city and put my mans on
I Work hard so the top is where I land on
Blowing haze, you can call that getting my cam ooooonnnnnn!!!!
So they telling me to put the rap down
That's like telling G's who ride to put their strap down
That's like telling An addict shorty put the crackdown
I'm addicted to this shit I can't stop now
Me quit, how that sound
Never in a milli
What I'm dealing
I'm finding to make a killing
Keep spitting
Till they tell me I'm one of the best whoever did it
Keep giving flocka flame, playing rap like hunger games

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