3Rizy M

Mike Mighty Mystery

by 3Rizy M


Be Mystical!

Hook 1:
He's calm. He's a brat. (Yeah) He's
Corny. His straight.(Yeah) His
Humble. His proud. (Yeah) He hates
He likes. (Yeah) His whack. His litty
(Yeah) He smiles, a lot. (Yeah) His
Tricky, a lot. He's cocky, a lot. Oh

Verse 1:

All these opinions about me(me), gat
Me like damn. (Damn) They don't
Know me while man. That's how I
Like me. You take just one look, and
You know all about me? (Huh) Am
My own best friend. And it's stronger
In my head. They never get me, yeah
Since from back then. They try to peel
My flesh, since from back then
I take a look at my side. I see my
Past damn. It's like I gat this anxiety
From an early age. It ain't easy
Smiling with this thoughts in my
Head. Some shit my mouth can't
Say. I use to go bay many nicknames
German shepherd,(Rahh)
Coz you can't outrun me. Called
Myself nobody, and the uneatable
Eater. Yeah, I was a weird
Kid( Wierd), even mama thought so
(Shit) I like doing it different. Smiling
Was my first reaction you see. You
Can't really understand me. My
Words get twisted. Micheal Mighty
Mystery, that all you need to know
(mmm) Unless you really wanna
Know me. (Yeah) You gonna know
Me. Unless you really wanna get to
Know me. You gonna know me
(Yeah) Unless you really wanna get
To know me. You gonna know me
Unless you really wanna get to know
Me. You gonna know me

Bridge :

Unless you really wanna get to
Know. You gonna know me. Unless
You really wanna get to know

Hook 2:

He's fake. He's real. He's nice. He's cool
He's yuk. (Oh) He weak. (Uh) He
Strong. (Uh) He's lazy. (Uh) He works
(Uh) He feels. (Uh) He talks, (uh) a
Lot. He's quiet, (uh) a lot. (Uh) He's a
Mystery. Yeah! Wowch!

Verse 2:

Am just a guy at the side. Looking
Shy, but I ain't. Am just S. A. D
Always alone, tho I gat friends. I
Need a hug. where is my girl?
(Where) We're friends, but you want
My throat. (Throat) Hi, to the real
Once tho. (Whoa) We came along way
But am still not clear
What's in the grass, hiding like my
Feelings? (Feelings) Only cool when
I gat the mask on,(mask) and the
Backpack. Am only comfortable
With JC. I get scared, but I don't
Show you. (I on't) What's in his
Head? What's in his mind? (What)
Am I gonna make it? (Am I) Coz it's
Like am Anti Social. Gimp and the
Music gat me dis-stressing. (S. A
D) Am painting my future. And it's
Digital. A one with confetti, the
Bentley. Am tired of working. A one
With no Lacking. I spoil all my
Homies. Give my girl gold, tho she
Wort more. Give, my sister what they
Want. Give my daddy flight. Go cool
With the mystery


Would they love me? Would they
Hate me. Would buy this? Would
They play this? Would they listen
To this mixtape? Would they? Would
They? Uh ah! Uh yeah! Would they?
Uh ah!
3Riple M! 3Rizy M!

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