by 20syl

Everybody got 'em, every, everybody got 'em
Everybody got 'em, every, everybody got 'em
Everybody got 'em, every, everybody got 'em
Everybody got 'em, every, everybody got 'em

[Verse 1]
I let 'em go, let 'em go, let 'em go
All these problems we have are never set in stone
'Til we dead and gone at heavens door, homie, yo, we never know
But I heard that everything get better so

We learn to fly when we fall out the bird's nest
Priest by the burlesque, stripper on the church steps
Live like its your last minute and your first breath
Bury your burdens, nobody is perfect

I wanted to rhyme like Common Sense
But that mirage in the mirror made it clearer I'm not the next
André or Jay or Biggie, I started to comprehend
I should be grateful for what I am

Like Kendrick Lamar has said, we all lack in that confidence
That keep me modest when I go home and the concert ends
And I'm back on the grind behind my office desk
On that nine-to-five, feel like LeBron when he on the bench

Bathe in my accomplishments, soak up in the compliments
Deal with a heavy consequence, weighing on my consciousness
Sorry for the empty promises, trying to find where my conscience went
Not knowing what an option is, dust off all of your problems

Everybody got 'em, everybody got 'em
Everybody got 'em, everybody got 'em
Everybody got 'em, everybody got 'em
Everybody got 'em, everybody got 'em

Everyday I'm faced with these problems
Everyday I'm just trying to solve 'em
So don't tell me all of your problems
Cause everybody got 'em, every, everybody's got 'em

We got problems, we all got problems
She got problems, we all got problems
We got problems, we all got problems
They all got problems

[Verse 2]
Problems we been bugging about are blessings in disguise
Falling on my lap, I had my head up in the sky
Like what if, and then what, but guess what?
We never get it right, it don't matter in the end, y'all

Everything is our fault, and in time
It will be our downfall (uh, right...)
What we need a bigger house for? It's like
We spend more outdoors than inside

Making mountains out of anthills, they weigh us down like some anvils
Push a domino like vamonos, and lock the door
Throw away the key, adios and pop a couple Advils
And act like the problems solved, but not at all

Watch the world turn from my arm chair, amen
People on their deathbed, getting their palm read
God bless, everybody got a way to deal with their
Problems, problems, problems... try to picture

Dilla in the hospital lying in bed, making beats
If you believe that you're dying, your dead, say your peace
Never let your pride get behind your hind legs
Only problem is the time you got left, chase your dreams

For what it is worth, live every minute like it is your last
And breath like it is your first
There is no running- running from your problem- problems
They coming for you

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On Problems by 20syl

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