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[Death And Breakfast] Is It A Movie, Or A Radio Show? (ANSWER)

by 11th Avenue

The tape's (Death And Breakfast) title and concept are based around movies, and radio static/stations
So the main question is; to the listener are you experiencing the Death And Breakfast Tape through the medium of a radio, or motion pictures?
The answer is neither
You are in fact watching a Looney tunes episode in which where in the episode a person is tuning through radio stations, and
The person stops switching channels once he comes across a station that is playing a person closing a door and starts up vintage movies (Which Starts The Death And Breakfast Tape)
You are pretty much (When listening to the Death And Breakfast Tape) are watching a looney tunes episode (that's why Porky the pig comes at the end of the tape when the person who is flipping the channel within the episode gets killed by a gun shot) in which a unidentifiable man (or women) in the episode is listing to the radio station playing the whole Death And Breakfast tape. And when the song Entombment (The Final Track Of The Death And Breakfast Tape) starts to end he changes the channel (Which is why the Song Entombment towards the end starts flipping through channels which plays Mac Miller's "Funeral")
Then the Person within the Looney Tunes Episode lets the radio static repeat as he walks away from the radio and is shot in the head (either by himself or by a unnamed assaulter. (I know the answer to who shot him, but it is up to you to decide who killed the man) And once the man is killed porky the pig comes on announces the ending of the episode of looney tunes in which was the medium you were experiencing the Death And Breakfast tape through

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