Yung Juju

Paris, France

by Yung Juju

Yung Juju
What is Love?
I do this sh*t for my gang, my mom, and my girl
We gon shine soon
Ju Know

(Verse 1)
What is Love?
Only thing that I know is the drugs
Smoke till I get higher f*ck a buzz
Nowadays all a n*ggah see is lust
And I've been feening for your touch baby
I swear to god I need some love baby
I've been alone for way to long baby
Probly We could fall in love maybe?
I promise you some better things
Bill Russell with the Audi and u get them wedding rings
Give my all to you, something I don't have to think
You always look amazing, love it when you're wearing pink
Spill my feelings in this music everytime I hit the stu
Only time a n*ggah smile is only when I think of you
I promised you forever, cuz you my forever boo
And Ima live up to my promise, ima keep my word to you
(I will)

This Is Love
Love is fear of losing someone (I can't lose you)
Love is when a person makes you feel complete
Love is not being able to picture your life without that one person in it
This one's for you
This is love

(Verse 2)
I thank ya momma cuz she made you
I thank the lord because he saved you
I thank the lord because he came through
You make me happy so I thank you
Every time I see you I swear that I freeze up
You melt my heart, even though it was a freezer
We too ahead of them they could never keep up
Without my heart I'll die so I could never leave ya
And I believe ya
And girl I trust you
Put no one above you
Baby girl I love you
(Ju Know)

I love the way you say my name
You make it more than just 6 letters
To me, your laugh, your smile, your presence is like no other
You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen
And your eyes dark brown eye That stop time
I see you from across the room and I can't help but stare
I can't believe I'm so in love
With that stranger over there
You hold the galaxies in your eyes
And you make my life way better
Yes, you're a mess
But you're my beautiful mess
And I️'d like to hear your heartbeat
As I lay on your chest
You're more than just my girl
You're really my Bestfriend
Your smile makes me complete
Without you my world would end