VI Seconds

A Favor

by VI Seconds

It takes two to maintain a love...
With that said...It's one of those
[Verse 1]
And it started in the summer
Me thinking about you, while you're thinking of another
I was loving you, you were busy loving him
I wasn't touching you, cause you were busy fucking him
I was making this music, cause you were my inspiration
When you would come to my brain, letters flew with no hesitation
You was someone I'd say that beautiful understates
But you would constantly say that every dude is the same
Including me, it's a shame, I proved I'm out of that lane
You stood by your thoughts, I'm a fool falling for days
A fool who fell for a dame who drove my spirit insane
Who threw her past to my face and yet I still loved the name
So I'd stay and take the blame, cause she was my lady
My little cutie patootie, the beat to my Jay-z
Something incredible, every moment I'd sweat you
Who would have guessed I'd soon grow to regret you
So tell me
What's on your mind
We've been down this road about 200 times
You swore that you loved us, but you let us die
So do me a favor and stop with your lies
Stop with your lies
Stop with your lies
Just stop with your lies
Do me a favor and stop with your lies
[Verse 2]
This story isn't glorious, your love was what my hopes were for
I'm walking out your life, because you opened up the door
I fought for what we had, you never threw a jab
Enduring all the punches to be alone on the mat
K.O. god damn, heart swollen like the mumps
Fought for love like a man, so I had to take my lumps
Just to take cheap shots with every bit of your lies
No slight bit of comfort or any ice for my eyes
All this and the inevitable swing coming next as
You putting me inside of a box with all of your exes
The irony is murder, I cherished every bit of you
But you categorized me with dudes that got rid of you
Fellas who just wanted to fuck you from the start
While I'm the fucking idiot who valued your heart
They say life's a bitch and that saying now is vital
Cause after reviewing everything, you shared the same title
[Verse 3]
We slept together with your head on my chest
And I thought back then you and I were the best
But the fact of the matter, is it really doesn't matter
Cause a bunch of motherfuckers saying they already had her
When I layed eyes on you, there was no better
The type I'd bring home like string batter batter
Loved and lost, the love is lost
And now I'm here, feeling fucking lost
And you? You don't care if I'm steppin'
Apparently you're used to, way you're colder by the second
You ain't the girl I met, the one I wrote about
The one I'd give the world to, the one who'd hold it down
Who's cute face calmed me down when we got into it
The one who'd give me goose bumps with mental images
She vanished of this planet and left behind
The person that disgusts me, a nasty straight feeline
Somewhere inside is the girl I still love
Underneath this monster is my angel from above
Our relationship now is out pushing out daisies
Maybe, baby, we can reconcile it all
So I guess this is goodbye
To what we were
To what we had
It's fine tho...
I deserve better
Every story comes to an end...
At least there's Harry Potter
I hope your next man treats you good
Cause apparently I didn't
I love you