by The Goo Goo Dolls

on Gutterflower (2002), Greatest Hits Volume One - The Singles (2007), Live in Buffalo July 4th, 2004 (2004)

Stranger than your sympathy
And this is my apology
I've been killing myself from the inside out
And all my fears have pushed you out
I wish for things that I don't need
All I wanted
And what I chase won't set me free
It's all I wanted
And I get scared but I'm not crawling on my knees
Oh yeah everything's all wrong yeah
Everything's all wrong yeah
Stranger than your sympathy
I take these things so I don't feel
And all these thoughts from the inside out
Now my head's been filled with doubt
It's hard to lead the life you choose
All I wanted
When all your luck's run out on you
All I wanted
And you can't see when all your dreams are coming true
Oh yeah it's easy to forget yeah
And you choke on the regrets yeah
Stranger than your sympathy
All these thoughts you stole from me
I'm not sure where I belong
Nowhere's home and I'm all wrong
And I wasn't all the things
I tried to make believe I was
And I wouldn't be the one to kneel
Before the dreams I wanted
And all the talk and all the lies
Were all the empty things disguised as me
Stranger than your sympathy
Stranger than your sympathy

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On Sympathy by The Goo Goo Dolls

By Zoe Lopez


Was it the song you were looking for? Yes 🥰

I swear the only thing that was stuck in my head was the melody and the part that goes (all I wanted) I could not figure it out but I finally found it
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