One Jump Ahead

Round Here

by Tenn Buick

on One Jump Ahead (2016)


Whatchu want nigga? Whatchu whatchu want nigga?
Tenn Buick

If it's drama that you want it's goin' down 'round here
Got a lotta bodies gettin' found 'round here
Makin' moves and keep 'em underground 'round here
Ganja, well we smoke it by the pound 'round here


Nigga we ain't fuckin' around 'round here
Nigga we ain't fuckin' around 'round here
I said we ain't fuckin' around 'round here
Nigga we ain't fuckin around 'round here

[Verse 1]

Ride with me, ride with me, hooligans out
You don't wanna be here when we pull our guns out
Now you in a sweat, swingin' you ain't hit me yet
You gon' need a lucky strike, I ain't talking cigarettes
You ain't gangbangin' motherfucker that's a Twitter set
Threats on the internet and I ain't eaten dinner yet
Niggas screamin' shots fired never pulled a trigger yet
I could make a nigga shiver it ain't even winter yet
Wanna gamble with your life you better win the bet
I don't even know the profits I ain't count the figures yet
Always got the feds on me tryin' to make a nigga sweat
Shawty stash the weapon in her panties now I'm in her debt
Yeah, she know the deal, she a proper villain
Never fold on me even when the coppers grillin'
Tell 'em what you know as long as you omit enough
Chuck up deuces grab the loot and then we split it up


[Verse 2]

You ain't from around here, you a sightseer
Better watch the way you movin' 'cause I might see ya
Got my hooligans rollin' in a nine-seater
Got a heater tucked nigga underneath the wifebeater
Don't try it, you ain't quicker than this
See the butterfly open with a flick of the wrist
So if you comin' 'round here better listen to this
It's no rules, no mercy, no prisoners, kid
If pushin' lead to shovin' I'll set everyone straight, boy
I'm that nigga from the 718, boy
I send rappers to oblivion
Fiya bun New York to the Caribbean
I'm a pirate, nigga I'm a buccaneer
Wish a nigga would, waiting to get buck in here
Bad news if you come around unaware
Mek a man vex, gunshot inna di fuckin' air
Use a burner then I toss it
Johnny Cash part 2 nigga, I don't walk the line, I cross it
Still shoot a man to watch him die
I throw his ass off the balcony to watch him fly


[Verse 3]

Don't be roamin' round like you got free reign
Why you flashing all your shit? That's a free chain
You was tryin' to act tough, better refrain
I don't give a fuck, I get it poppin' on the E train
Yeah, and all my niggas ride or die
Yeah, and we a special type of fly
Yeah, I'll put you on the news
'Cause my niggas pick and choose any laws that we abiding by
Yeah, but try us if you bold enough
Keep your distance motherfucke,r yeah you close enough
Better cut out on the double when I'm rollin' up
See, I got niggas on Jamaica Ave. posted up


And they ain't fuckin' around 'round here
And we ain't fuckin' around 'round here
I said we ain't fuckin' around 'round here
Nigga we ain't fuckin around 'round here

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On Round Here by Tenn Buick

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