Mama Seami Riddim

So Many Days

by Ras Kass

on Mama Seami Riddim (2020)


Dead. Ain't sh*t diffin all the thugs
Blew the video. Ras Kass
Organized rhymes, n*gga

Verse 1: Ras Kass

I got the currier for thug passion, picture that, the atomic core
Black and wrist, with the crack get the gat
If I plob more pressure my wrist gets snappy
Groupies get the bozack
Snake n*ggas I'm gonna get your ass back, like your ass crack
sh*t lowjack and you know that
I ain't never bout wit down n*gga
Act crowback, round up, flip flap back wit more drama
Life is six figures, double n*ggas wit babies mommas
You know this cat, and if not get the million wit butterflies
MC's live like catterpilla (pilla)
Beyond some dreams, smoke f*ckin get paid
Every thing I shave your blades, wit the same drawers
For three days, and run relays, all up in your PJ's
Like I'm from there, where my chronic smokin crew
Hit trees like Sonny and Cher, I came to kick ass
And drink Heineken, so unfortunately I'm almost out of beer
Some say my attitude is f*cked up and real crummy
Since I come from the state where it's always sunny
Ha ha ha ha ha, I had to find that funny, so I said:
No child, I work hoes for the money

Chorus: Ras Kass and K. Born:

So many days, so many nights
So many mics blown
So many ways to die, so many strive
So many days, so many nights
So many mics blown
So many ways to die, so many try

Verse 2: K. Born

How you do that there ?
Tellin practically movin MC's, like keys and no C's, please
f*ck the trees, my senses provide the photosynthesis
I got my front and my back, like prevysesis
So tell me who this n*ggas think they intimidated
I ain't havin none of that sh*t that bein constipated
My pants still gon sag on flat ends. Still gonna have cat ends
And I'm still on critically
The queen of central corner vaugh matches lyrically
So what I'm tryin to say, is y'all ain't f*ckin wit me (true)
I am goin to heaven for the weather, and inhale for the company
Once before the icore. Switch my soft war
Release the rugged more, wit the mark of the beast
f*ck a b*tch in the mouth, but then pus*y gets infected wit gees
Gotti John the Baptist (Who wanna get wet)
You know your mark. Get ready, get set, and lets start a revolution
Yo. n*ggas wiggin out like Whitney Houston
You feel me ? I do sh*t

Chorus repeated once

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On So Many Days by Ras Kass

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