Wide Eyed

To Say Thanks

by Nichole Nordeman

on Wide Eyed (1998)

Hello, Mr. Darkcloud
Never thought that we would meet so soon
Never thought I'd bundle up in June
Funny how the fog rolls
Funnier that I'd know who to blame
Never thought I'd have to won this pain
If all that's good and true comes from heaven
Then what's a girl to do when it rains?
And I'm sayin' ...
Why, why, why, why?
I'm shakin' a fist in the dark, and I'm askin'
Why, why, why, why?
Why does it keep getting harder

To say thanks? ...
Even fields of flowers
Dressing in their best because of You
Knowing they are blessed to be in bloom
But what about November
When the air is cold and wet winds blow
Do they understand why they can't grow?
And I could not pretend to know the difference
Between the storms You send and those I find
And I'm askin' ...

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On To Say Thanks by Nichole Nordeman

By Cassi


Was it the song you were looking for? Yes 😍

Thank you!! I have had this song in my head for MONTHS! This was a song that got me through some really dark times when I was a kid, and it means so, so much to me that you’ve helped me find it. Thank you!
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