Stolen Dance (Remix)

by Milky Chance

on Sadnecessary (2014)

[Verse 1: Sh!eldZ]
So this is a chill song
And man it is sorta long
But that's okay cause I am not alone
Milky Chance on the beat
And i'm bringin' my heat
With Clemens on the vocals
This'll hit home
Call the friends up, pack a tent, and let's make a fire
We can dance, we can sing, whatever you desire
We can all sleep underneath a stary sky
And if not, we can catch fireflies and then watch 'em all night!

[Verse 2: Scrubb$]
Roll that loud up, get high, get gone
Cause i'm chillin' with my friends 'till the end of the song
Bod your head to the beat
As i'm movin' my feet
Come over here girl
Let's dance, let's boogie, get down, and twirl
Relax, no worries
Have fun, we the friends, tellin' life stories
Livin' the good life with your homies
Don't give a f*ck about the outside world!

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On Stolen Dance (Remix) by Milky Chance

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