Kristoff Krane


by Kristoff Krane

[Verse 1]
Give me a thumbs up, or middle finger
On a scale from one to ten
I'm a good dad but better sister
It's so hard for you to get the clue
Knowing your dream catcher
Will never catch the pitch you threw
If you knew better you prepare for the worst
Either the worst gets the best of me
Or the rest of me gets better first
It's all the same capillaries closes down
Crushing veins, the blood could never make it out

Catch the fairy with the feather in your cap
You gon pay a pretty penny for that pleasure in your lap
The cat purrs with the promise that acts
Like an actor who was always better in the past
You got a chip on your shoulder, so it's cold
Could have jumped hot springs, but instead waited for winter snow...
So now we're both walking down the same road
In the same pair of shoes ready to get back home!

Although the beauties all around me
It's so easy to feel like I'm still drowning
Hey, set sail for the shore now Dead nails
Bet we could learn another lesson if we exhale!

[Verse 2]
King by design, peasant by mother nature
Old soul, trapped in a new age
I try to save her with the message in my eyes
But by the time I finally entered
I was fooled by gold snakes
Both gates opened up and tore me apart
As they throw their low blow from the high horse afar
Light shining through a December witch hunt
I tried to kiss karma, but my shin got kicked, Uh
Try to keep em' alive, by flippin upside down
Kill em' with kindness, but usually get punked
So now I ask you to take a chance
Allow me to help you think
Without trying to make dance
And may we focus on the bigger picture
You always feel smaller, and the world it just gets bigger
Now let that thought linger like a figure eight
If you threw a middle finger, then I'm watching you disintegrate
I know a lot of people came from the underground
But as they climbed up, their ego's got stuck up in the clouds
It's such a shame to see the ones you look up to
Fall in flames and now they're crawl with
Chains on their ankles, afraid to change
And take an angle that would fit in the picture frame perfectly...

And it hurts me to see them go where the mass
Goes brightest star in the sky turns into a black hole