Axl Rose

by Illinformed

Doctor Scott
What you up to? Not a lot
Just chattin' an actress up
While I juggle molten rock
And ash a cigar
Skatin' backwards on crackin' ice
I'll woo your girl and tap her ass twice like ASDA price
Then go AWOL like Léon Gaultier
Cut you off when you speak and say peace and stroll away
I take the p*ss, that's why I'm number one
I shower with me sunnies on
Ishmael Butler cool
In a spot like on a wooden stool [?]
20 below freezin' sag
Un-f*ck-wit-able steez
I don't need to brag
But I will coz I'm ill
Outta control
I crack a can of [?]
And pour soul for the last of the doled, but, ugh
I'm not as common as I look
If this was '92, [?] f*ck madonna for a buck
Whatever pays
I'm sayin' dumb sh*t in clever ways
I'm goin' through a dopest ever phase
Funky unshaven steez [?]
Blah Jar bucket with the peak like a beret, aye
And watch me Axl Rose hair blow in the wind when I take me hat off
Stood against the back cloth
I'll write a ho's number one
An original portrait of Van Gough
And never ring 'er
And neck a sister on Jerry Springer
And watch the show on tele and give meself a finger
Drunk in a white wifebeater slumped
I eat a rump steak and take a blunt to the face
Like "Wait, it wasn't me"
Why? I've never been high
And only drink on days endin' in Y
Like "Hiii"
Catch me outside The Blah Mansion in a storm
In shorts and t-shirt
Mowin' the lawn in lizard form