Franke & The Knockouts


by Franke & The Knockouts

I know baby it's hard to be strong
Just take the good with the bad
And don't think you're alone

'Cause I know all your sad goodbyes
'Cause I've been there before
To help you dry your eyes

Who love you from the start
Who treats you like a star
Oh sweetheart

Who loves you baby
Who loves you wrong or right
'Cause you're the spark in my life
Yeah day and night

And when trouble a-keeps knockin'
Down your door
Just call on me babe
And it won't be 'round no more

Sweetheart oh I know, yes I know
No matter how long
I'll be by your side
Singing this song

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On Sweetheart by Franke & The Knockouts

By Kelly S Gallaugher


YES!!!!! Thank you so very very much!!
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