Sound Asleep


by Ballast

on Sound Asleep (2005)

It's too fucking real, it's blinding/i have to close my eyes/the gun pointed at my head/one too many times but where should i point the blame/can't tell the truth from the lies/subservient to and dependent on/the ones that i despise/the contradictions of being alive/in a world life is cheap/constantly saying please and thank you/being slapped by the hand that feeds/i have the freedom to do what i want/to work consume and breed/freedom to believe whatever i want/as long as I'm on my knees/I want to live in a world where I can be who i want to be/I want to live in a world where the only god is me/I want to live in a world where freedoms not a crime/I want to see a world where the guilty are doing time/I still can't close my eyes/no matter how hard I try/cause this won't fade away/it's not just in m mind/maybe it sounds crazy/but at least I know the deal/I may have no control/but at least I'm able to feel/kept on a short leash/with food just out of sight/contained within this darkness/my masters own the light/taken in by wise men but always made the fool/still can't fix our problems because we don't own the tools

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On Imagine by Ballast

By John


I think Phyllis Hyman sings the song.
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